I have found myself going through a lot of changes over the past 5 months. I’m not a person who does good work change at all. But I’m making it the only way I know how. I smile….. You see life can be crazy at times especially with this pandemic that’s been going on. It […]

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Loving & Letting Go…

So we all know what it is like to love someone. And most of us know what it’s like to of been through a break up. WELL HONESTLY THEY SUCK! I am just coming out of an almost year relationship with someone who I really saw myself marrying. Often times breakups are my ones fault. […]

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Walking With God

I have always ran from God because I believed that I had done so much that he would never do anything but hate & despise me. Boy was I ever so so wrong!!All God wanted to do was love me, forgive me, protect me, & guide me into a better life. ❤️ SO MY GAME […]

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Better Than I Used To Be

I wake up every day with the commitment that I’m going to be a better person than I was the day before. When I got clean people who see me and say that they hardly recognized me because I had gained weight & was looking healthy. But the truth is I was the one who […]

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So I’m in A new relationship and I’m getting overwhelmed at times. I hate feeling this way! I want to be able to have a true stable relationship. I’m praying that God teaches me how too love like he does. I do not want to feel lost & overwhelmed. I’m trusting in God to lead […]

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Finally Seeing Myself

For years I have buried who I am by using drugs. Now that I’m sober I don’t like what I see when I look into the mirror. I’m having to face the things that I did in my past & truly see the pain that I have caused my family, & most of all my […]

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“The Game Changed!”

It has taken me 7 months into my recovery before I even started feeling normal, like the fog was lifted from my brain. Every day it seems that I see things differently than I did before. I can see God working even in the chaos that surrounds me at times. So many times I have […]

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Breaking Free

The last couple of days I’ve been battling within myself about everything. Letting go & accepting things as they are and letting people be who they are. I know that I will not have any peace until I gain some acceptance. So why do I keep holding on to it? I am trying to surrender […]

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1st Things 1st…

I went to my first counseling session today. I have been sober for going on 7 months now & have come to realize that I need to fix alot of other things besides just my addiction. I have to deal with the guilt, shame, & anger that I’ve carried with me all of these years […]

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