Getting My Heart Right…

I have tried to get my heart Right with God & with myself. I feel crap most days because I feel like I don’t deserve good things in life. I have done some awful things in my life when I was high on drugs. So how will I ever let go of all of this […]

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Raising kids Is Hard

I thought that when I got sober life would be perfect, but its not. My children still act crazy at times. They still have alot of anger towards me due to the things that I have done in my past. I really thought that drugs were the only problem in my life. Once again that […]

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Mommy Time…

As I started out this day I prayed and asked God to protect us and guide us as we headed to take my youngest son to physical therapy. It feels so good to get to be doing the”mommy”stuff now that I am sober. The things I should of always been doing. God has graced me […]

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Unimaginable Love

Its been a great morning filled with joy, & moments as to where I have just been thinking about Gods love. Through my addiction God was right beside me calling me to come to him. But I refused! During my addiction God saved me from myself and drugs. He was there! Every time I tried […]

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Regaining Hope

I remember the times when my children would call me begging me to come home and not be out doing drugs. But I couldn’t stop! It was like my mind had been taken over by meth. I couldn’t stop no matter how hard I wanted to and I truly did want to. There was so […]

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Do not worry

I have learned the hard way that worrying over things drains you of all of your energy. God & his word tells us to not worry and to take everything to him. After all of the years that I wasted time trying to fix things myself and worrying over them I now do what Gods […]

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